Another wrinkle

Brothers, fellow male standers, this is for you. I recently “found” this series… okay, I’ve come across it about 30 times over the last year, but didn’t want to listen to it. I always had a reason not to. It didn’t apply to me, etc.  A couple of night ago, I felt lead to listen to it, but I played video games until midnight and fell asleep in the first 5 minutes of the talk. The next night, I tried to listen and again, I fell asleep. Last night I listened, and was amazed at what I heard. Brothers, I am anxious to hear your thoughts on this. Please listen, particularly to parts one and two, embedded below. Parts three and four a linked.

I do not know whether I was lead to listen to this or mislead to listen to this. I don’t know exactly what to come away from this with, but I do know that my wife is still trying to dominate my life even though she has been living with another man for over a year.

I’m not looking to have anyone burned at the stake here. I just have a new way to pray. Whether mislead or not, I am praying against the spirit of witchcraft and its influence over my family. I’m interested in your thoughts on this, brother standers. Does this ring true in your experience? Does this seem like pure insanity? Is it somewhere in between?



  1. Reading some of these postings was like reading through my own diary journals. I have been separated from my prodigal for 8 years, and have been standing for 6 out of those 8 years. I have lots of thoughts on the things you wrote, mostly because I understand them down to the very word. I know the pain of loneliness, rejection, financial ruin and hopelessness. For me the thing that rips to my very core the most is the shame. I’m ashamed that life has gone on and I’ve used 8 years of my life waiting for a spouse that I don’t even communicate with. I’m also Ashamed to still be single. I have had MANY signs and as far as I firmly believe, God has spoken the promise that we will be restored but he never answers my one question…. When. The last few days have been devastating. This time last year I was growing spiritually and felt god say that breakthrough was coming soon but a year has passed and nothing has happened. I’ve been crying a lot lately- I just want to know when it will happen, even if I doesn’t happen soon, I could wait it out if I knew when the pain would come to an end. Anyway, You seemed to be interested in comments from fellow standers so I’ll offer some of mine… In my opinion I think it’s critical to be sure that god has actually called you to stand. This is where my opinion varies from the steinkamps, I don’t believe all marriages are destined to be restored. I think it’s wise to seek outside Christian counsel and I believe in the gift of word of knowledge/personal prophecy from a Holy Spirit/ Jesus believing Christian. I think it’s critical that two or three other believers (prophetically) agree that this is gods will for your life. I suggest asking god to have someone who doesn’t know you or your situation confirm it. This is what I did and I believe I received prophetic confirmation. Secondly, I think you should (If you haven’t already) fast and pray until you are positive that you should still stand. Thirdly, I wonder if it might be a good option for you to not tell your wife anything more about your stand. Leave her wondering and just do it behind closed doors in the prayer closet. Some women might feel suffocated by a stand like this being mentioned (or shown in anyway) and that might be why she is trying harder to hurt you. My best advice is- don’t mention it again and when you see her act as nonchalant as possible. Put on a tough exterior and act like nothing bothers you- then bring it to god in private. I hope I haven’t offended you with my comments 🙂 I just read your thoughts and felt I had to respond because I understand exactly how you feel. It’s been a bad last 8 years but in some way I feel I’m towards the end (hopefully). No worries most stands are not as long as mine. I’ll check back for a reply in the next few days/weeks. Good luck

    1. Wow. I am with you. I have recently had God a about 5 very mature brothers in Christ pretty much tell me that I am not going to be restored. Then, today, I saw two covenant trucks on my way to meet with my (now ex) wife. I feel like a wave blown and tossed by the wind. I don’t want to be double minded. I want to be standing or not standing. The thing is, if I’m not going to be restored, I’m not going to stand just out of obedience and self-sacrifice unless God sends an angel into my bedroom to tell me I must. Otherwise, I’m moving forward.

      I’m about to post some really hard words on this blog about this, and I just happened to see your comment here. Don’t know how I missed it. Sorry I didn’t approve and reply until now.

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