Trading up?

idwell typography

I dwell in a world

of Cheerios, Spider Man, & Dora.

of toys on the floor.

of Legos and Wii.

of laundry & toddler tea parties…


The Other Man dwells

in a world

of Politics, fine restaurants.

of Minor Celebrity & bars until 2…

of fun, travel, nice clothes, & zero responsibility.




It sure seems like you’ve traded up.

I definitely can’t compete.

You’re right my identity comes from home.

No, I’m not exciting at all.

But I love you, for real.


I made a covenant before God with you.

I meant that whole better / worse thing.

I meant that whole sickness / health thing.

I will wait forever… til death.

I know you say you’ll never come back.




My God hates divorce.

My God loves you more than I do.

My God is bigger than your heartache.

My God is bigger than my failings.

My God will move this mountain!


Saul had free will.

So did Jonah.

So I will pray for your Damascus Road.

So I will stand and grow in him.

He will bring you home.





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