The battle is not mine.

This is what the Lord says to you: ‘Do not be afraid or discouraged because of this vast army. For the battle is not yours, but God’s.

This is a difficult concept to accept. I can do nothing to win this battle, other than stand, trust, and pray. I can ask others to pray with me, and that is what I have been doing.


Let’s claim this hashtag…

I need protection from the temptation to try to fix or condemn this situation myself. Ask God to give me strength in Christ to be humble, kind, welcoming, and caring. Guard my tongue that no wrong or unclean thing may pass my lips to my wife, my children, my family etc. May God judge this. (II Timothy 2:25-26). I need prayer that in all of this I will draw near to Christ and him to me. I need prayer that my wife would not be my god or at the center of my life and thoughts every moment. Fix my eyes on him. This is my biggest struggle right now.

God is good and has been blessing me with sleep, food, and friends to support me in prayer and deeds. I am drawing closer to Him and attempting to cling to Him with everything I have. I am also trying to be strong for my son (age 6) and daughter (age 2). I am trying to focus on my walk with God and make Him the center. My wife still needs prayer.

I feel like the holy spirit is prompting me. I feel led to ask people to pray hard for my wife.

Pray that she encounters God in dreams, in media, in billboards, in students, and in the most unexpected places.

Pray against the powers and principalities at war on our marriage.

As long as I can endure financially I will hold onto my marriage. I was only recently served papers, but the bills for this process are already rolling in. I do not wish to make any hasty decisions, and I’m relying on the Holy spirit to minister to me, friends to pray for and support
me, and God to work on and in me.

If you are standing, I want to pray for you! Comment below or hit me up on Twitter. I will pray for as many standers as I am capable.

Speaking of Twitter, if you are a tweep who is standing, let’s claim the #standthegap hashtag, and build a community. We need the support and prayers.



  1. Hi, I just came across your blog, and within the few entries, it has given me the extra encouragement & hope.
    I would love for prayers at a time when this is the most painful and lowest of low in my marriage.
    My marriage has been lacking of love and affection from me to my husband. I was blinded and did not recognize the destruction I caused him. He was hurt, in pain, and felt so alone, and had no one to turn to. While I was clueless and had no idea. I emotionally and verbally abused him, until he had no love to give to me.
    He revealed to me this past week, after coming to town (planning to give me divorce papers), but convicted by the Holy Spirit, he wept for 2 hours and finally told me he has been in a affair for two years and is deeply in love with someone else. And that she and this other woman love each other. That the OW filled up his soul with the love he was longing for from me. And he poured out all he wanted to give to me to someone else.
    I am in disbelief. But I take guilt and am remorseful for the pain I put him through to lead him to sin. Because my husband is a good man. I believe he is faithful and portrays the qualities to be a man of God, trustworthy, loyal, honest. But he fell short, because of my emotional abuse. He had so much to give to me, until it was too late.
    But I have changed as a person now. He is stuck, after seeing and experiencing the change he saw in me this past week. I forgive him, I am not angry, no hatred. I even think the OW is a good person at heart too. I am grateful that she helped and saved my husband from his lowest, bringing him back to life. However, the relationship turned deadly. She is also a Christian, he told me.
    Ironically, I am in the position he was once in before. I hunger to give him that love and affection that he once was longing for me. But he has said as much as he wants to stay in our marriage, and knows what is written in the Bible, he says he cannot let go of the OW, because his heart and soul is gone from our marriage. He says only God can change his heart and make him come back to me.
    I believe him that he is full of guilt all these years, that he cried out why I had not changed before, why does it have to happen like this. He is full of remorse, guilt, pain, hurt, torment.
    Please help pray for my husband and I. He will have a week or two to himself and before God, and pray that God’s truth will speak to him. I will never forsake him, I forgive him, and want to be a godly wife, submit myself to him, and honor my husband. I pray that God can restore our marriage, change hearts (God changed me, already), and that he will bring my husband back. Nothing is impossible for God. We need the strength, hope, courage, guidance, and wisdom. God, please help us through this trial. You are a God of restoration, and whatever the outcome, please help me to trust in our Lord. Help me to keep standing, and if in God’s will give me the peace and happiness if I am to let go.
    My husband will contact me within the week to let me know how he feels and if God has spoken to him. He will decide either to return to his marriage, or file for divorce.

    Any prayers appreciated.

    Thank you~

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