I have decided to stand.

Yes, I have lost weight.

I am eating, thank you.

My food is simply running away because I cannot.

Pray for me. Pray for her. Pray for us.

Four weeks ago, my wife, my companion, my best friend, and the love of my life announced that she did not love me anymore and that she did not want to seek counseling.

I am not beyond reproach. I have definitely been selfish, lazy, and foolish as a Husband. Earlier in our marriage, I was the one who made bad choices. I had to seek counseling and work hard to put that behind me, but it continues to haunt my wife.

Yesterday, I decided to stand. I will stand in the gap for my wife. I will stand in the gap for my marriage. I will stand.

Here, I will share my insights in as general a way as possible. I love my wife and I would not want to slander her here. I will not share any details about what she is or is not doing. I will only share where I am.



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